Monday, April 11, 2011

Well I guess it has been almost 6 weeks now since I started my "diet"...and things are going well, but not as well as I would like them to of course. Going well for me would be 5-7 pounds a week,  not 1-3, even though I know it's healthier to lose more slowly...but whatever. I am grumpy this week. I should have blogged last week when I had lost 5 more pounds, I was feeling hyper and super positive, not like this moment where I wanna scream, "To hell with being thin, it ain't happening and I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!." Damn, it isn't fair, why the heck do I have to deal with this crap? How come it takes me mere minutes to GAIN weight, but weeks, months, and years to lose???? I have decided I hate naturally skinny people and I really wish they would mysteriously drop dead one at a time until they are all wiped off this earth. How can a person who has a ton to lose be at a plateau already? That is  insane. I would prefer to constantly keep dropping pounds until I get to about 20 pounds from my goal, and THEN I can plateau...but I have only lost about 12!!!! OMG!!!! I am not bitter...

So now I am on a pretty regular exercise regime, going from the gym some days to using my treadmill, weights, and elliptical the other times...that's a positive. I was wondering when the urge to exercise on a daily basis would kick in, it took long enough. haha. I'm not saying I enjoy exercising, but it makes me feel like I am actively doing something about my weight loss. Counting calories and eating healthier etc, is essential but I still feel full and bloated which really makes me feel like I am not losing. I know that's crazy by the way and it's just a mind game. I love to weigh myself in the morning when I am naked, starving, and know that I didn't eat much the night before. Wow. I wonder if that's the way anorexics think. Puhleeze...I couldn't be anorexic if I wanted my body would just assume it's starving and proceed to use the fat stores in my body dating back to 1979. I would probably be the only person on the planet to starve for a month and not drop an ounce.

This just might be the most negative blog everrrrr, so if you are looking for diet inspiration today isn't the day...


  1. Keep the faith! Be healthy and'll have grandkids you'll want to play with someday. Maybe even a girl to dress up! Love ya!

  2. "I have decided I hate naturally skinny people and I really wish they would mysteriously drop dead one at a time until they are all wiped off this earth."

    LOL! Well, isn't this nice! I have heard you tell me I'm "skinny" before, so thanks for the warning! I will tell you this in response. I only eat out 2-3 times per month due to all of the calories in restaurant food, and I always try to make 2 meals out of it. I also exercise quite a bit, and still struggle to keep extra pounds off.
    I also want to congratulate you on the 12 pounds you have lost, I think you're doing great! Don't get discouraged, I know it's not easy to get into a regular exercise routine AND change eating habits, but it sounds like you're determined to do it, be proud!