Monday, August 15, 2011


No, I am not going to reveal my weight as implied in this blogs title. just rhymed. :) Sooooo, this is what has been going on since my last entry early in June. At this day and time I am down a total of 44 pounds, and I am down 47 from my highest weight ever, which was 3 years ago. I am actually very happy with that number since it has been approximately 5 and a half months since I got down to business and began this, and it might be the fastest that I have ever lost this much. They say once you hit 35 years of age it is much much harder to lose weight and at 41 I don't think that is too shabby. Maybe I am an enigma.

So, what have I done to make the weight loss faster this time? Exercise...not JUST exercise, because I have always, always, ALWAYS exercised when I am trying to lose weight. It's just that this time I have amped up the activity, and tried to incorporate different types of exercise to my routine. Before it was always just a typical 1-2 mile walk every day or treadmilling for a half an hour every day, but this time it has been a lot of different things. I not only use the treadmill, but also the elliptical, the stair-stepper, recumbent bike, free weights, nautilus, exercise classes like Zumba, etc...Not only does it keep me from getting too bored, but it shakes up my metabolism and keeps my body from expecting the same thing which sometimes is the reason for plateaus. I also have sneaked the Master Cleanse in for a few days every once in a while to give my body a jolt and it has worked phenomenally!!! Every time I post on Facebook that I am doing a cleanse I get at least 2 or 3 in-boxes from friends wondering about it and what it entails, have I  lost weight doing it, how much, and most importantly, have I kept it off???? Yep!!! I sure have and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to break through a plateau, lose quickly, or just to jump start a new diet. It isn't easy, and i write about it in previous blogs, but if you are up for it I say DO IT!!!!!!

Ok, so my next goal is to lose 20 pounds by my 42nd birthday, which is in 7 weeks. I think it's doable, but I may have to change up my eating and watch my calories more closely. I don't think I have too many calories daily but I think I may actually not be having enough. For the last few months I have started to exercise twice a day...once during the day or in the morning, and then at night I end the day with a one mile walk. Summer nights are an awesome time to walk outside because it has usually cooled down and feels wonderful!!! I love it! It has been raining a lot lately so I take a flashlight with me so I don't step on any worms or frogs with my sneakers, my biggest fear! Ewww. Those sneakers would have to immediately go in the garbage because there is NO WAY I am cleaning squishy things off of the bottoms...

And last but not I feel healthier??? Are my clothes fitting better??? Do I have more energy??? Yes, yes, and yes! I haven't been for my yearly physical yet, or had my blood levels checked, but I have much more endurance and am definitely able to do things I was absolutely not able to do 5 months ago. Actually, I may be in better shape in my abilities to exercise than I have ever been, even though I am no where close to my lowest weight. As far as clothing goes I am definitely wearing a smaller size and I am able to fit into most of my clothes that have been way too tight for a while. Lastly, I do have more energy, and all of  the things I do are much easier for me now and I get a lot more done with less effort. I am almost looking forward to having a physical and proving to myself that all this work I have done has contributed to greater health and well-being. :)

I know this blog is pretty straight-forward and lacking the usual sarcasm and self-deprecating humor, but it has been kind of a sad summer. My 19 year old nephew died the second week of June suddenly and it has as you would expect, been very hard on my family. Although I am happy to be losing weight, I would put it back on in a second to bring him back...dieting is pretty superficial stuff compared to losing a loved one. My next blog will be touching on the subject of loss. Soooo, that's it for now...I hope everyone is doing well and having a happy and safe summer!