Thursday, February 17, 2011


So far I have made it through this February without having a complete nervous breakdown...the reason I say that is because February is for some unknown reason always very hard on me. I know part of it could be that I start to feel like a caged animal after the previous 3 months of hibernating in the house...and Rochester New York is not exactly known for it's sunny days through the winter, it's more like gray and blehhhhhh...I mean January is usually a breeze because I am tired and relieved somewhat that Christmas and all the other Holidays are over, so I relax, enjoy my Christmas trees and decorations, and try to do cozy homey things. February comes blasting in and I realize I have not started my diet and that spring is NOT just around the corner, but still many months away. Wait, let me get this straight...we have no just goes from winter into summer sometime in late June. So then a week or so into February I get kind of anxious and should have seen me last February...I was pretty close to checking myself into a mental institution. Seriously. I don't know, maybe the Packers, my favorite team (we lived in Green Bay for 7 years) being in the Super Bowl, and then WINNING the Super Bowl kept my spirits up...and I went on a girls trip to NYC for four days which was an absolute blast!!! Now in two days my sons and I are going to Texas for spring break which we will spend with my husband and their father who lives there part time. We will be in Dallas a few days and then San Antonio for a few days. Fun! I just have to finish packing and get all 3 of us there in one piece. Yuckkkk, not looking forward to traveling alone with my alllllllllll. Once I get to Dallas then I can relax and start to enjoy myself.
Ok, enough with this boring post!!!! When I get my fat behind back here I am going to get really serious about my weight...S.E.R.I.O.U.S...I don't care if it is absolute torture, it's going to happen. A new way of eating, a new exercise routine...I am actually going to use my gym membership, I may even wear it OUT!!!
So get ready for it.